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Grant Londt -  CEO   |   About the founder

Grant worked all around South Africa for a dynamic major Financial Institution for 17 years at a Senior Management level. He successfully completed a number of Management Development Programmes as well as Executive Programmes and also obtained a Certificate in Management from The Henley Management College in the UK.

Grant purchased a shareholding in a nationally based private Company and went on to become it’s CEO. During this 12 year time span he also started a number of other Companies that were all strategically linked. Whilst some of these Companies had independent shareholders, others had major listed Corporations as shareholders.

One of Grant’s core strengths is having had the opportunity to both work for and understand the workings and dynamics of large Corporate Companies, as well as having had the opportunity to run his own Businesses. To understand and  be able to effectively manage these different types of Companies and relationships provides a huge advantage. All too often large Corporations don’t understand the practical workings of smaller Independent Companies and vice versa. The successful Analysis and Implementation of a sound Strategic and Scenario Plan for these Companies allowed them to successfully adapt, grow and protect themselves in the ever changing Business environment...


What we offer:

Strategic Planning

If you want to grow your Business in a certain direction or achieve your Vision, Goals and Objectives you will need to have and put an effective Strategic Plan in place.

Scenario Planning

Have you ever heard People or Organizations say: “Who would have thought that” or “I didn’t see that one coming” and “I didn’t ever think that would happen”  ...


Benchmarking is the process of comparing one’s performance to industry best practices/ best practices from other industries. Typically measuring costs, profitability, quality...

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